Gem Certificate

Almost all of the products from GLS Gem come with gemstone certification. This gem certification authenticates the gem identity. When it comes to color gemstones most of the gem sellers and jewelers are believed to be experts and they attempt to identify color gems with their color and appearance.

Identifying gemstones with color and appearance is not always an easy task to validate the gem accuracy and guarantee gemstone by its natural inclusions. However, to certify a gemstone by its properties and natural inclusions are not only difficult but also impossible to confirm under an untrained eye. It is like judging a product by its packaging without seeing the actual content in it.

Gemological testing requires very special equipment's that most gem sellers and jewelers may not have. Based on the above-mentioned scenarios, GLS Gem offers certification from one of the best well-respected gem testing labs in Hyderabad, India. We, GLS Gem provide Gem certification for all the items that are listed on our website and it is an optional service (not mandatory). Having said that, if you would like to have the certification, you may request it from any product page of the selected gemstone you wish to buy and before confirming the purchase order.

Important note: The gemstone certification can be added before you add the product to the shopping Cart and before Checking out. Once your order is processed along with the gemstone certification please leave us 1-day time to ship the order