GLS Valuation

GLS Value Factors for Color Gemstones

“Not all the gemstones possess the value you look for or that you should take into consideration. Yes, it is necessary to look forward to buying gemstones that reflect real value. It should not be judged just by its name. Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby or any other variety of stone may not really be what you take them for. It is indispensable to lay stress on factors that help in establishing real value of a particular gemstone.” There are myriad factors that play a pivotal role in enhancing the real value of color gems that show complexity in nature and are much more interrelated. 


Often, a quicker, near-the-counter analysis is made which doesn’t give good results. Therefore, it is requisite to delve a little more into right assessment procedures and discover what it really means.

We, GLS GEM, always stress on all those inseparably crucial value-detecting factors that go into getting for our customers gemstones that are of highest quality.


Segregation with right means of technology 

Well, it might surprise gemstones-lovers to know that there exists in world of gems some fake gems that look more attractive and real than those of the natural ones. Quotation from the book “Gemstones (DK Handbooks)” by Cally Hall throws light on it as follows: “Imitation gems have the appearance of their natural counterparts, but their physical properties are different. They are made to deceive.” Similarly, Simon & Schuster in “Gems and Precious Stones” talk of the existence of the imitation as follows: “Imitation, which is still practiced today and could well continue into the future, involves the production of very cheap materials that are to extent similar to precious stones.”  

So, exist are the stones that are called synthetic stones or better known as simulated or imitation stones which are made to look like the natural gemstones. There could be a gemstone made of glass or a plastic, the one which has been created at the lab and may not really possess the exquisite properties of the natural gems but might be enough in its color, design, cut and weight to attract the buyers. But, there could just simply be nothing which goes unnoticed before the eyes of the expert gemologists.

......Often natural gems are treated in the lab to instill in them the beauty that is so special a part of the gem selection by the buyers. But, still, a gem which is flawless in its beauty with no treatment of any kind can be found with no trouble at all (Natural gemstones are those which have flawless beauty of their own with no lab treatment). 

GLS GEM - Making use of the avant-garde gemstone assessment or identification technology

We, GLS GEM, take into account everything that is crucial for us to deliver for our clients stones that are of real worth. We put to use gem-based gemstone assessment or identification technology to provide for our clients the real gems.

We focus on all-important C’s of the gem world that are Color, Clarity and Cut.   

Expert Gemologists estimate that the “Color” of the gemstone plays a crucial role in determination of its real value. It takes up about 50 - 70% portion of the value. It is an amalgamation of the tone, coloring character and saturation. The body color is assessed in terms of tone (the degree of the darkness or the lightness of the existing color of the stone), coloring character (existing color described by familiar terms such as red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet and indigo) and Saturation (which help out in measuring the intensity or purity of the color).

Clarity - A gemstone which has no flaws or imperfections are regarded to be of highest clarity. There should be no internal or external faults in the gemstone. However, natural gemstones may have internal imperfections and referred to as Inclusions (example: needles, crystals etc.) and external imperfections are referred to as blemishes (color zoning, scratches, chips etc.). 

Cut - A gemstone that is being artfully cut or polished speaks of its own value. “Quality Cut” as per the standard procedures produces gemstones of real beauty.  

Experts at GLS GEMWith proliferation of the synthetic, imitation or lab-treated stones in the market, buying the best-in-quality gemstones has become a daunting task. 

Perceiving the same, we are here to help you find the best gemstone that you are in search of. GLS Gem utilizes the most advanced testing methodologies to verify the real value. We assess or identify gemstones on par with the international testing methodologies. Our experts analyze making use of the end-to-end gem detection processes. 

     Analyse its origin so as to establish its real value

     Detect fillings such as lead glass or others 

     Segregate the real ones from the synthetic ones etc. 

 We perform testing without harming the real value of the gemstones that we provide to our clients across the globe. 

 -Vinod Kumar C (Gemologist, Color Gemstone Appraiser)