Mandarin Spessartite 4.51cts


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Type: Natural Spessartine Garnet

The origin of this Natural Spessartine Garnet is from Namibia and also called as MANDARIN SPESSARTITE, it is untreated and free from any sort of treatment. The color of this gemstone is Orange-red. Its weight is about 4.51 Carats and measurements are 10.87X8.32X5.47 MM (Length X Width X Depth). The shape and the cut-style of this gem are Faceted and Oval cut with excellent luster. The clarity grade of this gem is Very Slightly Included (VS). It is available to order and we do International shipping as well. Gem certification is provided on additional charges as an optional service


About Garnet:

Garnet form in different varieties of color, it is transparent in clarity and rare in nature. The color of this Spessartine is Orange-red depending upon the trace elements present in the gemstone the color of the Garnet obtains its color. The chemical composition for Spessartine is manganese aluminum silicate and manganese is the result to get an orange color. Spessartine garnets are found usually unheated and untreated. The most valued Spessartine garnet is orange-red which is well known Spessartite connoisseurs. Finest quality Spessartine comes from Namibia, Mozambique, Srilanka, and Tanzania

Test: We do test all the gemstones for signs of treatments, irradiation and segregate it from synthetic, imitation and artificial gemstone material with various gemological segregation methods to avoid them and we disclose if any gem treatment was done!


Shipping & Handling:  All our products are checked and packed in good conditions. We do registered mail for domestic and international shipping 

Return Policies:  Return will be accepted with the time period of 14 days which will begin from the date of delivery. Please contact us before if you are returning the gem. For further details please go through our return policies. 

                                            GIA Clarity Grade System


Very Slightly Included(Inclusions are not detectable under 10X)


Very Slightly Included(Minor Inclusions detectable under 10X)


Very Slightly Included(Noticeable Inclusions under 10X & may be eye visible inclusion)


Slightly Included(Noticeable large/numerous inclusions under 10X; Visible to unaided eye)


Slightly Included2(Easily visible large Inclusions under 10X; Easily visible to unaided eye)


Included-1(Prominent Inclusions; Moderate effect on appearance/durability)


Included-2(Prominent Inclusions; Severe effect on appearance/durability)


Included-3(Prominent Inclusions; Severe effect on both appearance & durability)


Declassee(Not transparent because of Inclusions)


Product Id MSG2404
Color Orange-Red
Carat 4.51
Clarity VS
Shape/Cut Mixed/Excellent
Content 1Pc
Size 10.87X8.32X5.47MM
Treatment None
Origin Namibia
  • Availability: In Stock
  • USD 750.00$

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